Storybook Cosmetics shared a sneak peek of their lipstick packaging, and we are drooling

If there’s anyone who knows the value of beautiful and whimsical packaging, it’s Storybook Cosmetics. Each and every single one of their products comes in an imaginative package, and it looks like their upcoming lipstick is no exception! They shared a sneak peak on Instagram that has left us positively breathless! The details are perfection, and totally evocative of the brands overall dreamy and romantic vibe.

We’re also head over heels over that robin’s egg blue they’ve used for the lipstick cap. Has there ever been a prettier color in all the natural world? We can’t take it! The attention to detail is truly stunning and much appreciated by their fans!

It’s simple while also being ethereal, even with the vine-like logo. It looks like like something your favorite fairytale character would use to touch up her lips after eating a non-poisoned apple!

We’re swooning!

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Has their ever been a brand that more accurately reflected their name and overall theme in their products? We’d love to spend the afternoon poking around Storybook Cosmetics’ offices just to get a glimpse of how they come up with all these lovelies!

Did you even see these bullseye brushes that they posted a few days ago? Who comes up with such things? How are we supposed to wait for these to come out?

We can’t even talk about their upcoming quill and liner duo. It’s like they opened up our skulls and took a peek around to see what we would want in our wildest dreams and then, voila, made it magically appear!

Perfect for fancy people like us!

We can’t wait to see what more Storybook Cosmetics has in store for us because we have a feeling we’re going to be super into it! What do you think of that lipstick packaging? Only good things can come from something so pretty don’t you think?

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