This makeup brush set has real flowers encased in its handles

We aren’t lying when we say that we LIVE for Storybook Cosmetics makeup brushes, as the quirky-cool beauty brand has already launched brushes in the shape of magic wands and roses. And now that Storybook Cosmetics’ Secret Garden brushes are here, it’s time to rev up your brush game once more!

The epic Storybook Cosmetics Secret Garden brushes are proving to be a floral delight. According to PopSugar, the flowers in the handles are actually real! Yes, you read that right. Each handmade brush inside the breathtaking set features real seasonal flowers placed in an acrylic handle.

The brushes also came in a gorgeous emerald green bag for safe keeping, giving them a super romantic feel. The collection also features cruelty-free bristles with rose gold details on each brush, making it a win-win for conscientious beauty lovers everywhere.

Each set features five-pieces including a foundation brush, flat top contour brush, tapered powder/highlight brush, standard powder brush, and setting/blush brush.

Available for $60, the Storybook Cosmetics Secret Garden brushes are a must for those who love brushes or are looking for a simple excuse to dress up their vanity.