Storybook Cosmetics teased their new lipstick collection, and it is straight out of a romance novel

We have been waiting what feels like centuries to see the final shades of the genre collection from Storybook Cosmetics liquid lipsticks! Two weeks ago we got our first look at Adventure, a metallic gold shade! Storybook has spent months perfecting their formula, and it looks like we are closer than ever to being able to purchase their lip products.

The shades Romance and Fantasy were revealed, and they are beyond gorgeous! First was a swatch of Fantasy, “a mystical bold lavender with a subtle hint of glitter” with a matte finish.

One of the co-founders captioned that she is absolutely THRILLED with the formula, especially because “it dries matte and stays put!” 

Next, we got our first look at Romance, and it’s apparently a personal favorite of Missy, one of the co-founders. Romance is a pillowy soft pale pink matte shade that is absolutely STUNNING.

Now that we have a look at the first three shades, we are waiting on the final shade Horror to be released. The suspense is truly terrifying! No mention yet from Storybook Cosmetics whether the four liquid lipsticks in the genre collection will be available in a set or on their own. Their eyeshadows all come in book bound palettes so a book bound case of lippies might be super cute too!

This pink hue is spot on, it reminds us of Fantasyland at Disney!

While we don’t know how much these lipsticks will cost, we’ll definitely be treating ourselves to these liquid lipsticks! Not to mention, the blue metal topped packaging is amazing!

Will Adventure be the only metallic in the collection? We’ll have to wait and see!

In addition to the four genre lipstick collection, Storybook Cosmetics has hinted that they might turn four of the Wizardry and Witchcraft shades into liquid lippies.

We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled on Storybook Cosmetics’ Instagram for more updates!

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