Storybook is launching a “Hunger Games” collection, and we volunteer as tribute to buy it all

At this point, we can’t keep up with all of Storybook Cosmetics’ incredible collaborations.

They somehow know how to trigger deep nostalgia from our childhood and teen years through its incredible lineup of beauty products. And now, we just got a look at the brand’s next endeavor — Storybook Cosmetics is launching a Hunger Games collection.

We now have a sneak peek at the packaging for one of the upcoming new pieces from the collection, and it looks like it was created in Panem’s Capitol.

This glamorous, yet fierce compact could be anything from powder to an eyeshadow palette, and we are itching to get a look inside.

Can’t you just imagine all the bold, fanciful shades a Hunger Games palette contains? We’ll be able to recreate all of Effie Trinket’s most famous looks with this array. And while we don’t know quite yet all that this collection will entail, we have faith that Storybook Cosmetics will deliver a stunning collection that is true to the aesthetic and heart of the film.

The packaging on this Storybook Cosmetics Hunger Games collection is going to be to-die-for.

From the looks of this one-piece, we can already tell that these will be earning a prime spot on our vanity.

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Our heads are spinning with questions, but luckily the brand is giving us tiny hints.


It appears that this is going to be a limited-edition collection, as most of Storybook’s collaborations are. So you’re going to have to act fast once it’s released.

A bit more sleuthing has revealed that Storybook Cosmetics’ Hunger Games collection will be coming next year.


So now we know what we have to look forward to.

For now, we can just wildly speculate as to what the collection will include. Palettes? Powders? Lipsticks? Rouge? We want it all.

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