Storybook Cosmetics just revealed one of their official collabs, and it’s one we totally clued in on

One of the most bittersweet aspects of the magical minds over at Storybook Cosmetics is seeing what great ideas they have and then waiting to see what collections are approved. An official Storybook Cosmetics collab has finally been announced and it is REALLY good. Storybook announced they have officially teamed up with The Hunger Games franchise, which isn’t too surprising since learning of their arrow-inspired brush set. It immediately reminded us of Katniss Everdeen!

We are so happy that this is a thing and can’t wait to see what products Storybook’s team of triplets will come up with. An eyeshadow palette to use with the BullsEye brush set, maybe? Katniss-inspired nude lipstick? An Effie Trinket-esque false lash kit? The odds are ever in our favor now that this is confirmed!

Storybook Cosmetics has a world of colors (and districts) with inspirational looks to choose from!

We know Storybook Cosmetics goes all out with their products with examples like the upcoming Wizardry and Witchcraft palette’s TWELVE high pigmented shades and their “Adventure” lipstick being an edgy metallic gold. The Hunger Games is a perfect theme to tackle because there are four amazing films to draw inspiration from. While Covergirl did have a small Hunger Games-inspired line back  in 2013, the fact that Storybook is an indie makeup brand leaves a lot more room for creativity. No details about products or prices yet, but we do know that the collection will be available sometime this year!

We are so ready for some smokey Kat-eyes!

Done up with our BullsEye brush sets of course!

Whatever Storybook releases, we are sure to want it on our faces!

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