Twitter has decided Stormy Daniels’ threatening ~mystery man~ looks a lot like Tom Brady, and okay, sure

In case you need a reminder that 2018 is truly a bizarre year, adult film star Stephanie Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels, just released a police sketch of the man who threatened her in 2011 over her affair with Donald Trump and guys, it looks a lot like a particular five-time Super Bowl champion.

During her 60 Minutes interview, Daniels opened up about her affair with Trump, revealing that in 2011, a presumed associate of the then-reality TV businessman approached her in a Las Vegas parking lot and warned her to keep quiet about the affair. The unknown man allegedly also made veiled threats towards Daniels’ infant daughter, who was with her during the encounter.

This morning, Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti appeared on The View where she opened up about the Las Vegas encounter and released a police sketch of the man in the hopes that someone will come forward with his identity.

But it seems Twitter is *already* on the case — and has even scoped out the mystery man’s famous lookalike.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be busy living his very healthy best life with Gisele Bündchen and the kids in a Boston suburb, but thanks to his face, he’s about to receive some *pretty* interesting phone calls. Brady’s reported friendship with Trump has already been a major headache for (ahem *raises hand*) many Patriots fans, but this would certainly take things to a new level.

Bro, it seems you’ve got some explaining to do!

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Luckily for the quarterback, Daniels’ mystery man seems to be significantly shorter than he is. TB12 sits at a cool six-foot-four, while Daniels alleges the man who approached her was somewhere between five-foot-nine and six feet tall.

No word the mystery goon’s thoughts on strawberries.

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