Storm Reid Was Just Named Maybelline’s Newest Global Spokesmodel

She's also lending her voice to its program serving people with depression and anxiety.

In the words of Storm Reid, a storm is coming to Maybelline New York. The 17-year-old actress was just announced as Maybelline’s newest global spokesmodel, and the announcement trailer is killer. Reid, known for her roles in 12 Years a Slave, A Wrinkle in Time, and Euphoria, joins the ranks of women like Gigi Hadid as a spokesperson for the beauty brand.

Reid gushed over the news on her Instagram, sharing her excitement about the partnership with her 1.3 million followers. “I’m absolutely honored,” Reid wrote. “FLOORED to join the Maybelline Family, and be a part of a brand with a shared mission to inspire, drive change, and empower women.”

I can’t wait to create more beautiful things together, Reid continued. It’s only up from here.

How good is that slow-motion hair flip? We’re also loving the bold pops of color Reid is showing off in her Maybelline makeup looks in the video.

“I think I’m most looking forward to all of the fun adventures that I get to go on and all of the fun photoshoots and content pieces that we get to create,” Reid says, per Maybelline. “I think on a deeper level, I’m part of a brand whose [goal] is to inspire, make an impact, and be of service. In whatever way I can do that, whether it’s through Maybelline’s mental health initiative or my initiatives to impact young girls, I think we can intersect and create something really beautiful [together].”

The young star has reportedly already begun contributing to Maybelline’s diversity work and will be lending her voice to the Maybelline Brave Together program, a global initiative for those experiencing anxiety and depression. The brand is pledging 10 million dollars over the next five years to mental health non-profit organizations that provide direct support.

“I just want you to go out in the world and make a difference, but that starts with yourself,” Reid said. “I want to use my platform to just really inform people that it’s important to have self-love before anything else.”

Preach, Storm. We can’t wait to see where the wind blows her with Maybelline.

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