Stop what you’re doing: ColourPop just released a new Lippie To Go set

It’s almost the weekend and many of us are already staring out our windows with the urgency of Friday, ready to hit up a bar or a salon or a warm bed in order to recover from the overwhelming week. In order to aid relaxation, ColourPop just dropped a new Lippie To Go set that you can safely store in your purse as you face the perils of the outside world.

The newest lippie from Colourpop Cosmetics include the In A Twist set, which retails for $18. This is an amazing deal considering the fact that it includes 5 double-sided ColourPop lippie shades, with a pencil on one side and the corresponding lipstick on the other.

The new In A Twist Lippie To Go set features five colors of pencil and lip color, including a greige rose, a warm rose, a dusty warm brown, a dusty mauve pink, and a deepened raspberry.

The official names for the colors are way more fun. With puns like Crack Me Up, Goal Digger, Kapish, Mirror Mirror, and Nixed, ColourPop keeps a sense of humor about their products.

If you want to complete your travel-size lippies, you can add their Hot To Trot set to your collection!

It is full of equally pretty lip color options, including colors such as Cookie (warm brown nude), Cami (cool-toned mauve), LBB (a plum wine), Trust Me (a graphic red), and Chateau (a deep red).

ColourPop isn’t messing around with their new release! You can check out both of the sets on the ColourPop website and see if they strike your fancy.

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