Stop what you’re doing and watch this video of Barack Obama singing “Look What You Made Me Do”

Bless the creative people of the internet. A very imaginative Twitter user just spliced together clips of Barack Obama singing “Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor Swift’s controversial new single. And we had no idea how badly we needed this.

We hope Swift catches a glimpse of this glorious video and convinces Obama to be part of the song’s inevitable remix.

Maybe he can join in on the “Toxic”/”Look What You Made Me Do” mashup? We’d love to know if he has any theories on the moment when the Old Taylor Swift died. If nothing else, he would definitely make a great addition to Tay’s famous #squad.

This video is incredible partially because we desperately miss the sound of his voice, and partially because hearing him singing brand new pop songs is amazing. Remember when Obama covered “Hotline Bling”? We’re so happy that there is enough footage of him speaking to continue creating these videos well past his presidency.

Here’s the amazing video in all its glory.


Also, shoutout to @Dory for modifying the song to say that Obama is “out now” instead of “dead.” We don’t think our hearts could take the alternative.

Unfortunately, the days of laughing while making our President sing to our favorite songs are (temporarily) behind us. Because of that, we are extra grateful for this adorable video. Regardless of how you feel about the new T-Swift song, we think we can all agree that this version is excellent.

So what do you say, President Obama? Are you free for a remix?

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