This study says you should stop using cranberry juice to “cure” your UTI

UTI got you down? You might want to put the cranberry juice away. A recent study claims there’s no real proof that cranberry products treat urinary tract infections.

Dr. Manisha Juthani-Mehta led the study, in which half the subjects took capsules that equaled 20 oz. of cranberry juice daily. The other half of the women took a placebo pill, according to TIME.

Researchers found cranberries to have little to no effect regarding UTIs.

“The capsules did not seem to do much for either reducing the amount of bacteria in the women’s urine, or for lowering the number of UTIs during the study; both the women taking the cranberry capsules and the placebo had similar rates of both, TIME reported.

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Juhani-Mehta told TIME she hopes patients with UTIs will stop spending their money on cranberry products, and instead see a doctor for antibiotics, which are proven to treat the infections.