Stop everything: Lego “Stranger Things” is here and it’s everything you need

It’s the recap you didn’t know you needed: Stranger Things, only with Legos. (But you do need it, we promise.) After an absorbing and hugely successful first season, Stranger Things’ second season is already in the works. We know Millie Bobby Brown is returning as Eleven, but we have quite a while before we’ll get to see the next season.

Luckily, we’ve got a super fun Lego Stranger Things to help us cope until we know more about the fate of Eleven, Will, and (hopefully, maybe) Barb.

This Lego video by Bookshelf Productions is really more a highlight reel than a comprehensive recap andis a satisfying skim of many of the season’s high points. We get some Christmas light fun, thankfully (It’s really the most essential part). Additionally, in the video Eleven flips the van over when she and the boys are being pursued. It’s almost as stunning in Lego form as it is IRL.

Also, all the major characters appear. Nancy and Mark don’t get as much screen time as the boys, but they’re there. We even see Barb for a moment, sitting poolside as the Demogorgon sneaks up on her.

It is a little disappointing that we don’t get some iconic moments like Eleven’s Eggo binge. Understandably, it’s probably difficult to get ahold of Lego Eggos, but we miss it. We also don’t see any of Will’s rescue in the Upside Down – but his scary moment in the bathroom at Christmas does finish the video off.

Even though we want more Lego Stranger Things, we love what we do have. We’d also love to see more, as anticipation for season 2 gets stronger. Hopefully Bookshelf Productions will answer our pleas, and keep giving us Lego Stranger Things goodness.

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