The most inspiring stock photo collection you will ever see. Really.

The term “stock photo” has become almost synonymous with the concept of cliché images that are devoid of substance or personality. Images that are, essentially, boring. However, innovation agency Isobar Poland is flipping that notion on its head. The group’s new charity photo bank, “Photos for Life,” is comprised of stock images featuring models who are cancer patients and survivors.

This project beautifully shines a light on cancer survivors in a way that celebrates their strength rather than relegating them to the role of victims — while still providing stunning images. It’s inspiring to see a medium typically lacking in originality expanding to create a unique web of visual stories while still serving a utilitarian purpose.

The project also shows how cancer survivors span generations and backgrounds, and have defiantly overcome their disease to live active, brilliant lives. Hiking, biking, hanging with their family — it is clear from the images alone that these people have refused to let cancer define who they are or how they live their lives.

The cherry on top of this cool stock-photo bank? The entirety of the proceeds will go to the Rak’n’Roll Win Your Life! foundation, which helps cancer patients in need.  

It’s an important step in ending the stereotypes cancer patients face and reminding everyone that survivors are capable of living fulfilling, active lives. This project endeavors to accomplish that goal, and hopefully this little stock-photo bank will make a big difference in how the world views and treats survivors of cancer.

(Images via Photos for Life)