Stock up now: Victoria’s Secret won’t be selling clothes for much longer

As if our hearts weren’t broken enough by the news that Victoria’s Secret would be discontinuing their swimwear, we’ve also learned that Vicky’s will soon stop selling clothes as well. According to Teen Vogue, the lingerie company “will eliminate swimwear, shoes, accessories and apparel online and in-stores.” Staring this month.

In a statement provided to Elle, Victoria’s Secret explains:

“In order to better focus our resources on core merchandise categories, we have decided to eliminate non-core businesses including swim in our Victoria’s Secret lingerie business and shoes, accessories and apparel that were offered in our digital channel but not in stores.”

We’re sad to learn that Victoria’s Secret has also laid off 290 people in the process, according to Fashionista.

Quite possibly the most devastating part of this news for anyone born before 1995 is that the retail behemoth will also be doing away with their iconic catalogue. No! So many memories! The Wall Street Journal estimates that Victoria’s Secret has mailed up to 350 million catalogs out annually.

In the meantime, they are slashing prices to get rid of their inventory. You can get 60 percent off a variety of swimwear and loungewear on their website! Get shopping!