Stila Cosmetics came out with a “putty” highlighter, and prepare to be hypnotized

If you spent any portion of your childhood lulling yourself to sleep playing with your Silly Putty, only to wake up to a duvet RUINED by your desecrated putty, you can now relive your childhood through this Stila Cosmetics “putty” highlighter. Wait, what?! Yes, you heard us correctly.

Equally transfixed by the idea of applying putty to her face, the beauty vlogger Laura Lee tried out the Heaven’s Hue highlighter in a brand new tutorial. In our opinion, she looked pretty good in this Stila Cosmetics highlighting palette, putty or not.

Forget about cliche powder or cream highlighting formulas, the future is PUTTY.


We partially want to buy this just so we can see exactly how putty adjacent this texture is.

The Heaven’s Hue Highlighter costs $32 and comes in three shades: Transcendence (an opalescent pink), Kitten (a shimmery nude pink), and Bronze (a sunny glow).

This is by far the most glamorous looking putty to grace this fine earth.

Honestly, if these putty formulas got all over your blankets it would just look like a fairy visited us in the night.

Dare we say this is a HUGE step-up from the green putty of our childhood?

The real question at hand is, are you ready for this putty?!

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