Stevie Wonder sang Happy Birthday to Hillary, and it’s simply amazing

When you’ve got Stevie on your side, you’ve got it made. Stevie Wonder sang “Happy Birthday” to Hillary Clinton yesterday to celebrate the big 6-9, and it looked like it was such an honor. The 66-year-old singer is obviously a legend, and after all these years, his notorious pipes are still in incredible shape.

Also in incredible shape? Stevie Wonder, in general. Just a year or so ago he welcomed his ninth child, a girl named Nia, proving that age is simply just a number.

Wonder actually met up with Clinton during her interview with The Breakfast Club yesterday, and that’s when he decided to launch into song. Wonder appears around minute 21:

Clinton also discusses how she’s quite fond of dancing. The whole interview is worth a watch!

Wonder is actually a big Hillary Clinton fan — just look at how he’s dressed! Wearing a black blazer with the words “1st woman president” written on it, it’s obvious that Wonder thinks Clinton is a shoe-in this November. The Breakfast Club, in awe, compares him to 2 Chainz a few times.

"It's time to let a woman do it," Wonder exclaims, saying he's been a big Clinton supporter for awhile.


We’re so glad that Hillary Clinton got such a strong endorsement! Hearing Stevie Wonder’s praise might just be one of the best birthday gifts of all.

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