Glenn from “Walking Dead” is gone — but Steven Yeun is the Instagram boyfriend you never knew you needed

As much as it still sucks to say it, Glenn from The Walking Dead is gone for good.

Thanks for nothing, Negan.

But since we love silver linings here at HelloGiggles, let’s focus on the positive — mainly, that this frees up actor Steven Yeun to be your Instagram crush, which he 100 percent totally should be.

The actor — who has already booked post-Dead gigs in films like Mayhem and Chew, as well as in Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho’s follow-up, the monster movie Okja — has been, as they say, super adorbs on the social media site for years. But now that he is not longer confined by the AMC hit’s restrictive spoiler rules, he can post whenever he wants … and lucky for us, his Instas are as swoon-worthy as the actor is himself.

Take, for example, this behind-the-scenes snap from his hilarious, post-mortem appearance on Conan.

This intrigued us, and led us down the most amazing rabbit hole of Yeun as Conan O’Brien’s BFF videos. Like, did you know they went to freaking North Korea together? And braved the embarrassment of attending a Los Angeles day spa in the nude?

We sure didn’t. Thanks, Yeun’s Instagram!

Yeun is also super gushy and romantic about his new wife (and before that, longterm girlfriend) Joana Pak, whom he married earlier this month.

Apparently there’s some kind of inside joke with that bee emoji. We don’t know what it is, but we know that we are totally on board.

Additionally, even though he’s off the show for good, Yeun keeps in close touch with his Walking Dead pals — yes, even Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan — so you should definitely give him a follow if seeing an extremely handsome, bespectacled man hanging out with cool TV actors you like appeals to you.

And of course, since Yeun is a major goofball, he’s never been afraid to mess around with filters.

Did we mention yet that there’s an adorable puppy who frequently makes cameos? Because of course there is.

Finally — and this is the best yet — just this past week he posted the most adorable Yeun-stagram yet, for his 33rd birthday. It features the actor getting bested by a little girl in Pie Face Showdown!, and it’s certainly eight zillion times better than anything he got hit in the face with on Walking Dead this year. (Too soon?)

If this is the kind of ~ content ~ we can expect to see from the charming, wonderful, adorable, fantastic, handsome, and so on and so forth until the end of time Yeun (can you tell we’re crushing?), then we’re actually kind of psyched to see him move on from Dead, especially as the show struggles both in quality and in the ratings. Basically, he’s that super cool dude who left the party right before it stopped being cool, and if we haven’t convinced you yet that he needs to be your Instagram boyfriend then, well … only Negan can help you, now.