Steven Avery’s new lawyer has an alibi for him —this could be a game-changer

It’s been many weeks since we binge-watched Making a Murderer, yet we’re still enraptured by all the drama surrounding Steven Avery’s case. The latest: His wrongful conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner has some important news for followers.

Since filing an appeal for Avery, Zellner has been tweeting up a storm as she simultaneously leaves all Making a Murderer fans in suspense. Specifically, the lawyer has been dropping hints about the evidence she plans to use to prove Steven Avery’s innocence when it comes to the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Uproxx reports that, on Sunday, Zellner published her latest tweet. Let’s take a look:

This reminds us that Teresa’s phone was tampered with. Remember how some of her voicemails were deleted? How her ex-boyfriend and roommate hacked into her online phone records by guessing her password? While these facts were mentioned in the docuseries, there was no in-depth explanation, so it will be interesting to see if Zellner addresses this part of the case.

As for the cellphone towers, they were not used to provide location data during the first trial – they only covered outgoing and incoming phone calls. With this in mind, we’re wondering what Zellner has discovered about the day Teresa Halbach went missing (Halloween, 2005). The prosecution team asserted that Halbach never left the Avery Salvage Yard. However, others believe that she may have gone to another client after visiting Steven Avery. Our question: Will the cellphone towers eliminate any/all doubt, once and for all?

We also have to remember that, while Teresa most likely had her phone on her, Steven Avery may have left his cellphone elsewhere to give himself an alibi. Though, the murder occurred 11 years ago, when phones weren’t plainly seen as tracking devices – so would Steven Avery have had that much foresight?

Overall, we wouldn’t say that the new alibi is airtight – unless Zellner has some other information up her sleeve – but it is definitely an interesting piece of info that could give us more insight into Avery’s case.

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