Steven Avery’s lawyer expedites new DNA testing in ‘Making a Murderer’ case

Even if you haven’t watched Making a Murderer, you probably have heard of Steven Avery and the murder case that currently has him serving a life sentence for allegedly killing photographer Teresa Halbach. Even though the documentary aired over a year ago, Kathleen Zellner, Steven Avery’s new lawyer has expedited new DNA testing that might prove his innocence. This past August, Zellner filed a motion that Avery was framed by the investigators. Using a new technology that wasn’t available during the time of the trial. She hopes that this new DNA testing will prove that an old sample of Avery’s blood was planted in Halbach’s truck. And she just got a judge to agree to move up the testing to get results ASAP. false

“We’re going to take the mystery out of this case,” Zellner told ABC News in August. The new form of testing involves carbon dating to prove that the blood found in Halbach’s RAV4 was planted from an old sample. Zellner claims that any blood dated before 1996 is old and not relevant to the Halbach case. Zellner also claims that the new motion has led to new witnesses coming forward. No one knows who the witnesses are at this time or what they have to do with the case but one would assume that they are tied to the potentially tainted evidence.

The news that the agreement has finally been signed is a positive for Zellner and her client. “It’s encouraging that the Attorney General’s Office was so cooperative and helpful in expediting these tests,”

The evidence being tested are

"blood flakes recovered from the floor near the center console of Halbach's RAV4. Bloodstain cutting from the driver's seat. Bloodstain cutting from passenger's seat. Swab of the RAV 4 ignition area where blood was found. Swab of bloodstain taken from the rear passenger's door. Swab of bloodstain taken from a CD case found in vehicle."

It seems like the most key piece of evidence is a swab from the console of the SUV. That swab contained the DNA used to make the positive identification of Avery, but according to Zellner are the most likely to be fabricated and could possibly help her prove Avery’s argument that  he was framed, or at the very least, didn’t get the due process he deserved. Making A Murderer fans: sit tight, because this is about to get going agian.