Steven Avery’s brother has new evidence —and here’s what that means

Just when we think there’s no more Making a Murderer-related evidence to be found, we’re proven otherwise and sucked right back into the docuseries’ complex, highly addicting world.

In his very first TV interview, Steven Avery’s little brother, Earl Avery, revealed a very interesting piece of information. A piece of info that could potentially help prove that Steven didn’t actually murder Teresa Halbach.


Though a search party did find Halbach’s car in the Avery’s salvage yard (on November 5, 2005), Earl states that it was not there days earlier. “We drove right through there, where that car was supposed to be,” Earl told Access Hollywood. “And it wasn’t there. That night of the 31st, we went rabbit hunting.” According to Earl, he told the police this, but they did nothing about it.

So, what exactly does this mean for Steven?

Well, if what Earl’s saying is true, then this could help Steven’s attorneys prove that he was indeed framed. After all, wouldn’t the car have been there on the same day Teresa went missing?


On the other hand, one Redditor speculates that the RAV 4 car was in the garage, since Robert Fabian (Earl’s friend, who went rabbit hunting with him that night) said that the garage doors were closed when they were on the property at around 5:20pm.

If you’ve been following this story, then you probably remember that Steven Avery pointed fingers at his brothers, Earl and Charles, saying that they possibly killed Teresa Halbach. According to Earl, Steven has since apologized and explained that his lawyers told him to say it. In addition, Steven said that he was frustrated because his brothers would not visit him. (Earl recently spoke to his brother for the first time in eight years.)


To add to her defense case, Kathleen Zellner (Steven’s new lawyer), told Dateline that there is also new forensic evidence that could prove her client innocent. Earl’s daughter, Brittany Avery, commented on this, saying “[Zellner] was very determined to do what needs to be done right now.”

Let the fan theories begin!

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