6 tweets that prove Steven Avery’s new attorney is determined to get him out of prison

If you’re obsessed with the Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer, you’re not alone — Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey and the murder of Teresa Halbach are seemingly all anyone can talk about these days. And that’s probably because new case details and intriguing theories keep pouring in, making us even more invested (and confused).

And now, Avery has new supporters who want to bring the truth to light: Kathleen Zellner, a Chicago-based lawyer who signed up earlier this month to represent Avery, along with legal director of the Midwest Innocence Project Tricia Bushnell.

Zellner is notorious for getting wrongful-conviction cases overturned, as her firm’s website states. In fact, it seems like this is her specialty, based on the details of the 17 exonerations she was responsible for, and whose details are listed on the website. This could be good news for Avery – and perhaps, by extension, for his nephew Brendan Dassey who, like Avery, is currently serving a life-in-prison sentence.

In fact, if the activity on Zellner’s Twitter account is any indication, this could be very good news for Avery, because this Chicago Lawyer Magazine’s person of the year for 2014 seems completely dedicated to getting Avery out of prison as soon as possible. Here are just a few among her many tweets that prove just how much Zellner – who told Chicago Lawyer Magazine that she “never wanted to represent a guilty defendant again” – is committed to her goal.

(Image via Netflix)

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