This new evidence shows that Steven Avery might have seriously been framed!

Making a Murderer update: we’re now looking at Teresa Halbach’s death certificate and it seems that the Calumet County coroner has some explaining to do.

According to UPROXX, Freedom of Information requests piled up from those interested in Steven Avery’s case. This led to the release of Halbach’s certificate, which can be viewed by the public here. If you know your Making a Murderer facts, then you will soon realize that this document is full of contradictions. Let’s take a moment to review them…

You can’t perform an autopsy without a body, right? Well, it seems that the Calumet County coroner did because they checked NO under “Body Found” and YES under “Autopsy Performed:”



This matter becomes even more suspicious when you look at the immediate cause of death. It says “undetermined” and, later on, it was crossed out. Additionally, HOMICIDE is checked off under “Manner of Death.” So, not undetermined, then?



Though it was announced that human cremains were found on Avery’s property on the 10th (by Calumet County Sheriff Jerry Pagel), it seems that the coroner was rushed because he completed the certificate and pronounced Halbach to be dead on that same day. This is even more perplexing because, after her disappearance on October, 31st, 2005, Halbach’s remains were recovered over the course of 11 daysmeaning that all of the evidence was not accounted for when the certificate was signed:



Interestingly enough, on the certificate, these remains were identified as Teresa Halbach’s on December 5th. This was six weeks before the bones were actually identified as Halbach’s, on January 19th, by FBI investigators:


Considering that prosecutor Ken Kratz charged Avery with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and possession of firearms on November 15th, we have to wonder: is that why the coroner rushed to fill out the certificate?

Others speculate that the document was quickly filled out to prevent the depositions of District Attorney Denis Vogel (ignored evidence that Gregory Allen was guilty of the 1985 crime Avery was falsely arrested for) and Sheriff Tom Kocourek (allegedly buried a 1985 phone call proving Avery’s innocence). The former was to be deposed on November 10th and the later was to be deposed on November 15th. However, this didn’t end up happening because Avery was charged with murder. Coincidence?

While Avery’s current attorney Kathleen Zellner has not commented on this specific matter, this was her last tweet:

We are very interested to hear what Zellner has to say about this certificate – especially since her appeal hearing request should be heard within the next month.

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