Steve Martin and Martin Short reunited on Jimmy Fallon last night, hilarity ensued

Steve Martin and Martin Short were SNL favorites back in the day, but it’s been years since we’ve seen them both on screen. Of course, Jimmy Fallon is in the business of making our dreams come true, and last night, during an interview with Short, Fallon revealed some clips from their “old soap opera” called Tensions, and Steve Martin made a surprise appearance.

Now of course, Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short weren’t really in an old soap opera together. This is a common bit that Fallon does with guests on his show, but it’s a great one. Tensions is especially hilarious. Everything in the show was really tense, to the point that each episode seemed to end with some slapping and tea-throwing.

Fallon and Short played husband and wife, and they got into some seriously fraught arguments. For instance, what is in Jimmy Fallon’s sandwich? And, is Martin Short having an affair with the mailman? The mailman, who just happened to be played by Steve Martin.

This appearance obviously made the crowd go bananas, and not just because they were having an affair. It was great to see three comedy icons all on the same stage, and thankfully, Martin joined Short on the couch once the skit was over.

Watch the full clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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