Steve Martin just released a music video that stars Bill Hader and Cecily Strong as scorned lovers

You probably know him best as being an actor and comedian, but Steve Martin is also a musician. And to celebrate his love of music, Martin released a music video with Bill Hader and Cecily Strong, both who you might recognize from Rockefeller Center’s studio 8H. The Saturday Night Live stars play a broken-up couple who are trying to navigate the single life once again.

The video is for the Steep Canyon Rangers, a bluegrass band that has worked with Martin since 2009. Back then, they were asked by Martin — who plays the banjo — to help him out with a benefit gig for the Los Angeles Public Library. More gigs followed from there, and the band eventually went on to win a Grammy.

The video for Martin’s song “Caroline” will make you want to check out their albums ASAP.

We’re not only impressed by Hader and Strong, but we’re absolutely loving the art behind the video. The band managed to make the song, which is an upbeat way to define the loss of a powerful romance, incredibly fun.

Also, we dig the fact that it brings elements like Facebook and texting into the mix. Even though both have been around forever, few songs incorporate the importance of technology in dating today.


And while Strong’s character is pretty relatable (since sometimes you’ve broken up since things are broken) we can also relate to Hader. Letting go can be a bit tough at times.


While the video is funny, Martin’s take on the song itself is even better.

"Research has shown that there are many, many songs with the title Caroline," he said to Rolling Stone back in July. "However, this is the only good one."

If you dig the song, you’ll probably like the 13 others that will also appear on his LP, The Long-Awaited Album, which will be in stores this September.

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