Steve Irwin’s 13-year-old son Robert playing with baby bears on “The Tonight Show” is the most charming thing we’ve seen this week

We’re still mourning the death of legendary Australian crocodile whisperer Steve Irwin over a decade after his death. But we are finding some solace in the fact that he left behind two amazing kids who are following in his footsteps.

One of these is 13-year-old Robert Irwin, who visited The Tonight Show Thursday to talk about some more of his favorite animals (the teen appeared on the show back in February too).

The adorable guests of honor? Two baby black bears named D9 and Flo and if you need us, we’ll be over here squealing.

One of the little critters even bites Jimmy’s finger, but he takes it in stride and keeps cuddling because who wouldn’t?





Robert also introduced the host to a binturong, a scorpion, an aracari toucan, and some legless lizards named “Fluffy” and “Lulu” — plus talked a little bit about his famous late dad, of course (whom he is literally the spitting image of, by the way).

"When my mum first showed this to me, I thought it was me [in both pictures] — I can't tell them apart!" Robert told Jimmy when the host held up a side-by-side of Robert and his dad as a kid. "And until you look at Dad's shirt, you don't even realize that it's two different people."

We 100 percent agree, and still aren’t sure there isn’t some Photoshop magic going on.


During Robert’s appearance on the show in February, he shared that it was a total honor to be there, as his dad was years earlier when Jay Leno was host.

"My dad was actually on The Tonight Show quite a while ago," Robert said at the time. "So it's really nice to be able to follow in his footsteps. It's really great."

We can’t get enough of the Irwin family (including Robert’s big sister Bindi!) and are so excited they’re continuing to grace our television screens to teach us about the beautiful world we live in and carry on their dad’s legacy. We’re pretty confident in saying he would be the absolute proudest.