Steve Carell Wants to Go to the Mall with Mindy Kaling

I think we can all agree that Mindy Kaling is great. Like, super-great. So great that when you’re dying for a mani/pedi, the first person you think of calling is your BFF, Mindy, who you do not actually know but you feel like you know and are totally positive that she’d be a blast at the beauty parlor. Do people other than AARP qualifiers still call mani/pedi places beauty parlors? I don’t know.

But Mindy, who snagged (and nailed) the cover for EW’s “New Hollywood” issue, is more than just your bubbly imaginary bestie with first dibs on the new Essie shades. She’s got funky colors, jokes and brains. Know how I know this to be true? Steve Carell, funny man extraordinaire and Kaling’s former The Office co-star, says so.

Exactly. Steve gets it. Seth Rogan, who recruited Kaling for This Is The End and appeared in The Mindy Project as Mindy’s summer love revisited, gets it, too.

Yes. You’re right, Seth. It is great. She’s great. SO GREAT. Bottom line: Kaling is killing it, everyone loves her and we can’t WAIT for the 2nd season of The Mindy Project (which premieres in September).

P.S. Yes Mindy, everyone is hanging out WITH you.

Featured image via EW

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