Steve Carell just explained that tweet about ‘The Office’ coming back, which clearly he owes us

If you took a brief Internet hiatus last night, you might’ve missed the collective online implosion sparked by a single tweet that referenced the revival of one of our favorite sitcoms. Sadly, it was a minor, no, a MAJOR blunder on the part of Steve Carell, who explained his tweet about The Office coming back.

Honestly, we’ve got nothin’ but love for ya Steve, and we’ve heard what B.J. Novak said about your Office reboot tweet, but you clearly owe us a detailed breakdown of precisely what prompted your eager Twitter fingers to type “The Office is returning to NBC.”

That’s least we can get from the man who nearly caused massive heart attacks and emotional breakdowns among crestfallen fans of The Office over what will go down in history as the most unforgettable (and possibly unforgivable) typo ever. So what does Carell have to say for himself, hmm?

Basically, Carell responded like all the other celebrities who tweet awful stuff they’re too wimpy to own up to. false

Well, color us shocked.

We’re totally LBS when we say, nice try, Steve. Way to blame an online fiasco you started on your fictional workplace nemesis. We’re not saying that Toby would never pull something like this, but your explanation hardly takes the sting out of last night’s social media snafu. Or stunt. JUST TELL US WHETHER THIS WAS INTENTIONAL OR NOT, STEVE!

We doubt a straight-forward response from Carell or a reunion of the Dunder Mifflin crew will happen anytime soon, but there’s always hope! Until then, it’s back to binge watching The Office on Netflix.

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