Twitter loved everything about Sterling K. Brown’s first time hosting “SNL,” and here are the tweets to prove it

Sterling K. Brown is riding a well-deserved career high, and we are totally here for it. Back in September, he became the first black man since 1998 to win Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at the 2017 Emmy Awards. Months later, Brown became the first black person ever to win the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series — Drama. And at the 24th annual SAG Awards, he became the first black actor to win for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama. (Are you sensing the pattern yet?)

So when we found out Sterling K. Brown was set to host Saturday Night Live, we understandably went a little bit wild.

And last night, Saturday, March 10th, he more than delivered during his first turn at the SNL helm. And Twitter couldn’t get enough of the awesomeness that ensued. From (fake?) crying his way through his opening monologue to hilariously claiming his middle name is “Katherine” (spoiler alert: it’s not), Brown gave us everything we’ve ever wanted in an SNL host.

Mere days before his debut, Brown made us guffaw when he recreated the show’s opening sequence using cardboard boxes and action figures. So, yeah, we knew it was going to be amazing. We just didn’t realize exactly how much.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Twitter.

Twitter first fell in love with Brown’s opening monologue.

His Black Panther sketch showed us a “deleted scene” from the blockbuster film, and everyone had a hard time keeping it together.

“You know how my old lady is one of them bald warrior women who guard the king? Well, the other night, I made a suggestion she might wear a wig, just to be playful. I said, 'Damn woman, I’m tired of making love to Michael Jordan.' That’s the last thing I remember.

Of course, SNL had to do a This Is Us spoof. And it was perfection.

“You’ll be laughing through tears. Except without the laughing. So I guess just regular crying.

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Brown nailed his role as rapper Common on Family Feud: Oscars Edition.

Who knew anyone could be that passionate about Shrek?

Needless to say, Sterling K. Brown nailed it in every way. Can he host SNL every week, please?

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