Remember Stephen King’s ‘Misery’? It’s now a Broadway show with a super-famous star

What happens when you write a great book? If you’re lucky, Hollywood will turn it into a feature film. And if you’re really lucky, someone else will turn that film into a Broadway play. That’s what happened with Stephen King’s classic novel, Misery. First was transformed into an Academy Award-winning film, directed by Rob Reiner. And now, it’s been adapted by William Goldman into a Broadway play—a terrifying, nightmare-inducing Broadway play.

Misery opened this weekend at the Broadhurst Theater with a star-studded cast. Bruce Willis plays Paul Sheldon, a romance novelist who’s been in a terrible car crash. His character is rescued by Annie Wilkes, played by Laurie Metcalf—who you might know as Jackie on Roseanne, a role that won her three consecutive Emmy Awards. But did you know Metcalf has also been nominated for two Tony Awards? Yup, for Best Featured Actress in November and Best Actress in The Other Place.

In Misery, Paul wakes up in Annie’s home after the crash. She nurses him back to health, but is very controlling about his care, forcing him to write a new novel with the ending she desires. As his health improves, Paul learns eerie secrets about Annie and he tries to escape. What would a Stephen King story be without tragedy, the looming threat of death and a few broken bones?

Just look at these two. Bet you didn’t know Aunt Jackie had such a dark side.

In real life, Willis and Metcalf are all smiles at the Misery opening night party.

Here they are taking a bow on opening night.

Although we’ll always hold a special place in our terror-loving hearts for Kathy Bates and James Caan in the movie adaptation of Misery, we’re all about the idea of a star-studded Broadway production, and another chance to hear Annie Wilkes say “I’m your number one fan.” Chills.

(Featured image via Columbia Pictures)