Stephen Hawking just gave us a sobering but inspiring reason to keep looking to space

Recently, one of the world’s most renowned physicists spoke at the Oxford University Union about the need to continue our work in space. In fact, Stephen Hawking gave humanity a due date for finding another planet for humans to live on, in case the Earth becomes inhabitable. But don’t panic, Stephen says we still have 1,000 years, so there’s time to find a solution. Researches have in fact found 4,600 candidates for alternate Earth planets, but the problem is getting to them. That, Stephen said, is why we must continue our forays into outer space.

Stephen Hawking offered inspirational words along with his sobering ones that beautifully explained why we need to continue our exploration of outer space.

"Remember to look up at the stars, not at your feet. Try to make sense of the wonder that is around you."

That is a beautiful sentiment not just for science, but for life. We spend too much time thinking small, thinking about the next few steps forward — looking at our feet. But we should listen to Stephen’s words. We should look upward towards the stars, so we can set big goals and dare ourselves to achieve them.

We can see why Stephen wants us to keep looking at the stars. It will benefit humanity, both in the very real sense of advancing us to be able to settle a new planet, but also in the sense that, if we’re not always thinking bigger, we won’t achieve anything.

We can’t believe Stephen managed to pack so much inspiration into this very serious issue.

And we promise, we’ll make sure to keep our eyes on the skies.

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