Stephen Colbert spoke to the women behind ‘Making A Murderer’ and we learned so much

We seriously cannot get enough of Netflix’s documentary series Making a Murderer, which details the saga of Steven Avery. If you’re not caught up at this point, I’d suggest jumping over here to get the scoop, because the two directors of the show, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, sat down with Stephen Colbert last night to tell us even more about the case.

The two women followed this story for the past ten years, getting close with the family and diving deep into the issues surrounding the case. The series has not only brought forth doubts about Avery’s conviction, but the whole American justice system in general.

For Laura and Moira, that was the interesting part. This isn’t a “whodunnit,” Moira says, but rather a “howdunnit.” The series details just how tangled it’s possible for these webs to get, and highlights the terrifying possibility that this could happen to anyone.

That’s why people are calling for change. As Stephen points out, this case raises a distinction between guilty vs. not guilty and proven vs not proven. There are serious doubts that Avery was ever proven to commit the murder. Does that still mean he can be convicted?

That’s just one of many questions inspired by the documentary, but Stephen asked the creators perhaps the biggest one of all: do they think Steven Avery is guilty?

Watch below!

(Image via YouTube)