Stephen Colbert and Will Arnett got cozy in a blanket fort

The older we get, the more it feels like childhood was this magical time we’ll never get back. Unless, of course, we go inside the Late Show blanket fort. Stephen Colbert brought Will Arnett into the fort on Monday night, and the two men turned back into their childhood selves.

They pair discussed the things we all would talk about during our sleepover days—namely, the crazy rumors we had heard from friends. Do garbage men live a the dump? Do teachers live at the school? Can dogs and cats get married?

Of course, they also chowed down on classic sleepover snacks, like Twinkies and popcorn, eating as much as they pleased because they didn’t care about spoiling their dinners.

Stephen Colbert’s sketch is a hilarious reminder of what it was like to be a kid, but also that we don’t have to try too hard to get that feeling back. If two grown, well-respected men can comfortably hang out in a blanket fort, then why can’t we?