Trump apparently has a secret nickname among D.C. politicians, and he’s not gonna like this

Throughout his career as a politician, President Donald Trump has bestowed nicknames on many of his enemies. He christened Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary,” dubbed Steve Bannon “Sloppy Steve,” and continually refers to Kim Jong-un as “Little Rocket Man.” But now, it turns out that Trump himself is the recipient of a new, unflattering nickname.

On the March 27th broadcast of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert revealed Trump’s new nickname, which was reportedly coined by other politicians in Washington. Colbert said that the nickname had arisen after adult film star Stormy Daniels‘ 60 Minutes interview about her alleged affair with Trump. And the comedian responded to reports of Trump’s new nickname with pure glee.

Colbert then rolled a clip from CNN, featuring former Watergate special prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste stating that Trump is “now known as ‘Spanky,’ and that’s not a good thing.”

"I think that's a wonderful thing," Colbert responded after airing the clip. "This may be the best news I've heard all day."

The Late Show host also couldn’t resist throwing in a jab of his own.

"But in all seriousness, we should show some respect," Colbert continued. "It's 'President Spanky.'"

The epithet “Spanky” is an allusion to Daniels’ recent 60 Minutes interview, in which she claimed that she spanked Trump with a magazine while the two were having an affair. White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah responded to the interview by saying that Trump “didn’t believe that any of the claims” Daniels made were true. Colbert was quick to mock the White House’s response as well.

"That's a weird way to respond because he is the claim he doesn't believe," Colbert quipped.

We have to admit, Trump’s new nickname is pretty entertaining. We’ll be on the lookout to see how Spanky — er, Trump — responds to this moniker.

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