Stephen Colbert just released the test footage from his first “Late Show”

Before Stephen Colbert started his new gig as host of “The Late Show” the team conducted two weeks of test shows before going on air. Since it definitely feels like Stephen has gotten into the swing of things in his new role, he thought it would be fun to take a look back at what it was like before it all began.

In this short montage, we see a ton of clips of the cast and crew getting ready, as well as soundbites from producers as the show comes together.

While none of this hard work was ever going to end up on air, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t taken seriously. For two weeks, the gang put together shows just like the real deal, in front of an audience and everything.

However, these were tests, so there were also things that went a little wrong. For instance, Stephen started juggling knives and accidentally grabbed one blade-first.

By the time the first show rolled around, they had ironed out all the kinks. It’s so amazing to see everyone feeling so nervous, because we know just how great things ended up being. We hope this footage will always be something to look back on as the show grows even bigger.