Stephen Colbert just did something absolutely incredible for South Carolina teachers

Stephen Colbert, a South Carolina native and former public school student, made a huge announcement earlier this week that’s going to make a massive difference for teachers in his home state. During an event at Alexander Elementary School in Greenville, South Carolina, Colbert announced via live stream that he and two partner organizations would be funding every single grant request made by South Carolina teachers on the website Every. Single. One. is sort of like a crowdfunding program for teachers, where they can make campaigns for grants and the public can donate to help them reach their goals. Teachers use the site to make requests for things like art supplies, calculators, and books. But for 800 teachers in 375 schools, their search for funding is over!

Colbert joined forces with Share Fair Nation and ScanSource to bring together the funds for the almost 1,000 projects currently waiting to be supported. It will be a total of $800,000 being given to teachers across the state, which is huge in a time when many public schools are struggling to find funding for programs.

Planning for this actually started back in December, when Colbert donated the $313,440 he raised by raffling off his famous desk from The Colbert Report, he donated the proceeds to The Yellow Ribbon Fund and Education has long been a cause Colbert has supported, having donated $119,000 to schools in 2012. But his latest action is beyond amazing. We absolutely love hearing this news.

Stephen, the Colbert Nation cannot thank you enough!

(Image via Comedy Central)