Here’s the first, hilarious glimpse of Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

We still have a little over a month before Stephen Colbert takes over The Late Show on CBS, but as the final countdown gets going, we’ve been gifted with the first promos for the show! And guys, it looks just as kooky as you would hope.

There was a lot of questions about how Colbert would transition from his satirical The Colbert Report to The Late Show, and although he’s not putting on a character like he did for his legendary Comedy Central run, it still looks like we’ll get a good dose of Colbert absurdity. He has been making the rounds lately, from his awkwardly wonderful Eminem interview to his lunch-time mini-series. And now, we can rest assured that the Stephen we know and love will be behind the desk when The Late Show starts up on September 8th.

The Late Show released three new thirty second promos on Sunday and they are just as hilarious as we expected.

Take, for example, when he is met with a pancake-demanding Mitt Romney ‘impersonator’:

Or this super sneaky magic trick none of us saw coming:

And finally, his school supplies are on point. Where does one get a Charlie Rose Trapper Keeper?

Stephen, we cannot wait to have you back on our TVs.

(Image via Youtube)


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