We kind of prefer Stephen Colbert’s new title for “Suicide Squad”

A lot of hilarious things are happening in late night (Carpool Karaoke, anyone?) but “Late Show Cultural Translations” might be our favorite segment yet. In the bit, host Stephen Colbert pokes fun at how English words and phrases don’t always translate well into other languages for other markets. And it’ll make you LOL forever.

He shares some tongue-in-cheek examples of pop culture translations fit for other countries, poking fun at everything from Reese’s Pieces to Chuck E. Cheese’s. But our hands-down favorite is the new title he gave the upcoming movie Suicide Squad.

Colbert claims that for Canadian audiences, he has to change Suicide Squad to… Mopey Avengers Go to Hot Topic.

Honestly, we couldn’t love that title more. It’s pretty accurate, with the ripped clothes and general moodiness of the bunch. Also, you can literally buy Suicide Squad-licensed apparel at Hot Topic, so there’s that. If it’s good enough for Colbert, it’s good enough for us! We think Jared Leto and Margot Robbie would agree.

Watch to see his other cultural translations! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=