Watch Stephen Colbert kill it during his first ‘Late Show’ monologue

Welcome to a brand new age of late night television, one where Stephen Colbert rules over the land with his quick, smart jokes. Last night kicked off the first night of Colbert’s new position as host of the Late Show on CBS. So did he deliver? Are we really about to see the true Stephen Colbert? How many Oreos is too many Oreos to eat? All these questions and more were answered during the inaugural night, and rest assured, America, with Colbert we’re going to be just fine.

After a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful” — featuring a surprise guest too good to spoil — Colbert dived right into his brand new show, welcoming everyone to “The Late Show with starring Stephen Colbert.” He’ll get the name right eventually.

Colbert also joked that should anything go wrong during the show, or during the rest of the run for his show, CBS had the power to switch over to an episode of The Mentalist at any time. So he’s gotta be on his A-game no matter what. Thankfully, it’s clear that he will be, because he’s had the summer to prepare. He’s also had the summer to not talk about Donald Trump, seeing as how he’s been off the air himself for nine months. That’s nine months too long for Colbert to be Trump-joke free, and he held NOTHING back during his first outing. And yes, later on in the episode, talking about Trump drove him to eat a few packages of Oreos.  The Late Show might just be our new favorite show at 11:35pm.

Now, check out Colbert’s amazing opening monologue, complete with dancing!

(Image via CBS)


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