We adore the Unicorn Frappuccino, but Stephen Colbert hates it so much we can’t stop laughing

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Starbucks’ new, limited-time Unicorn Frappuccino — and a lot of hate. One barista totally flipped out over the unicorn drink, and plenty of stars and celebrity chefs have weighed in on the magical frappuccino. Among them was Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert politely hating something is always delightful.

And the Unicorn Frappuccino didn’t disappoint, sending Colbert on of his signature nice-but-despise-this rants. On Friday’s Late Show, Colbert begrudgingly tried Starbucks’ new mythical-creature-inspired drink. The beloved host had a decidedly different opinion than our HG staff, and it was absolutely hilarious.


Colbert first took issue with the drink’s name. After seeing a photo of the drink, he assessed:

"It’s called Unicorn Frappuccino because ‘Sugary Affront to God’ was taken."


He goes on to report the ingredients listed in Starbucks’ press release. “It’s made with a sweet dusting of pink powder, mango syrup and blue powder topping.”

Colbert jokingly commented, “That’s your four food groups right there; mango, pink, blue and obviously topping.” He “affirmed” the FDA’s daily food requirements, saying:

"The FDA recommends at least 3 servings of toppings a day."

After stalling for as long as he possibly could, Colbert admitted he couldn’t officially weigh in on this new treat until he tried it. A stage hand passed him his on own Unicorn Frap. After letting the camera get a close up look, Colbert then gave one final take on the appearance. “That’s a color I can only describe as ‘tumor.’”

Then, finally, he took a sip.

And what did Colbert think after his first gulp? Based off his remark, “Oh. I wish I was dead,” seems like it wasn’t good.

Ok. Fair enough. It’s not for everyone.

The hilarious talk show host acknowledged that although the taste might not be a home run, Starbuck’s did achieve it’s goal in creating a drink that’s “made to be instagrammed” — and it is a hit over on IG.

So grab one this weekend either to drink or just to take a picture of, because as Stephen Colbert says, “This is only available until April 23rd so… hurry?”