Stephen Colbert interviewed Eminem on public access, and it was wonderful

Earlier this week, fans of public access television in Monroe, Michigan, got a special treat. Stephen Colbert took over Only In Monroe, a local events program. But Colbert used the platform in a uniquely Colbert way: He interviewed Michigan native Eminem.

After giving a shout-out to Monroe’s history and local landmarks, he gave a brief interview with the regular hosts, Michelle Bowman and Kaye Lanie Rae Rafko Wilson. He even ran from his anchor desk to the interview, a la The Colbert Report.

But the real craziness starts 22 minutes in, when a local “who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music” joins Colbert. Marshall Mathers himself, in full-on hoodie and lounge-mode, plays the perfect straight man as Colbert has him sing Bob Seger songs and asks him where his music falls on the political-to-booty-rhymes spectrum. Things also get super hilarious when Colbert starts asking him about his backup plan, because “dreams die” and music doesn’t pay the bills.

The interview is pure public access magic. It’s very “Between Two Ferns,” but on actual television. And although the take-over was planned, Eminem’s appearance was a surprise. We’re so glad he made it to create this majestic piece of TV history. Check it out below, and jump to the 22 minute mark to see Eminem’s appearance!

(Image via YouTube)