Stephen Colbert, Ziggy Marley, and Chance the Rapper covered the theme song to “Arthur,” and it’s straight back to our childhood

We all have that children’s show that brings us down memory lane. For Stephen Colbert, Chance the Rapper, and Ziggy Marley, it’s Arthur. Chance the Rapper has been covering the Arthur theme song since 2014, when he released his own cover on Soundcloud. In a new video segment on The Late Show, Colbert and band director Jonathan Batiste reminiscence about Arthur and the theme song.

Both men pine for the good ol’ days of Arthur, the days where people cared about one another, when innocence and joy were the order of the day. Colbert then excuses himself for an afternoon nap (because, of course) and that’s when things get incredibly zany in a magical dream sequence featuring Chance the Rapper and Ziggy Marley, and the result can’t help but make us smile.

Watch Stephen Colbert, Ziggy Marley, and Chance the Rapper reimagining Arthur.

How adorable is that? Now, let’s compare it to the original theme song:

Stephen Colbert’s choice to sing the Arthur theme song is important for a variety of reasons. As he said himself: The theme song is all about cooperation, people coming together from different walks of life, and living as one. This video is an upbeat, quick reminder about the kind of attitude we need to engage in these days, rather than succumb to the sadness life throws our way. Still not smiling? Listen to this song and feel some hope.