Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden held a “family meeting” on “The Late Show,” and it was everything we could have hoped for

We have a feeling that Leslie Knope watched this and couldn’t contain her excitement! Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden held a “family meeting” with America, and the fatherly advice they gave was pretty top notch.

Of course, Colbert wore a buttoned cardigan to deliver his message. Biden was also looking casual, in that “dad” sort of way.

We don’t know what’s better — Colbert flawlessly referring to Biden as “Pops,” or the “dad jokes” that emerged. We’re pretty sure we last heard the phrase “ants in your pants” from our own fathers, when we tried to skip out of a family chat.

Or, maybe it was Joe Biden’s adorable flub.

Or (yes, we can continue, since there’s so many wonderful things about this segment) the stockings in the back, which read “Dad,” “Pop,” and “Kid.” It looks like at the Biden/Colbert house, they like to keep things pretty simple.

As per usual, hearing these two give a pep talk is oddly soothing. We’re so glad that Biden decided to do the segment, since his presence added so much more to an already-funny premise.

As you may have heard, Biden is toying with the idea of a future run for president. No matter what happens in four years, and regardless of what he decides, we think he’s a pretty top notch politician — with an incredible sense of humor.

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