Yes, Stephanie will still have catchphrases on ‘Fuller House’

Fuller House might be brand new, but many things are staying exactly the same. Like, the fact that middle-child Stephanie Tanner is still going to drop some of her iconic catchphrases from time to time — and we can call them iconic, right? Come on, we’ve been saying them daily for the last 20 years.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Jodie Sweetin explained that even though the time has changed, Stephanie has not. “She’s the same,” Sweetin explained. “She’s still got her jabbing wit, but she’s a fun, kind of a little crazy adult.”

Just how is she the same? That’s where the catchphrases come in. “’How rude!’ definitely makes a comeback,” Sweetin says. “I can say that at least. Fans will not be disappointed. Stephanie has not lost her catchphrase.”

But that wasn’t Stephanie’s only catchphrase over the show’s eight seasons. Don’t forget how she used to say “hot dog” as a sassy comeback, “pin a rose on your nose” during major eye-roll moments. Hopefully these work their way back into the Fuller House script somehow.

Even though much will be just like we remembered it, a few things will certainly be different. Twenty years have passed, remember. Sweetin told Access Hollywood that to fill in these last two decades, she’s given Stephanie “a lot of backstory,” further adding that she’s “created a new Stephanie and what she’s been up to these past years.”

And maybe instead of just yelling “how rude!” Stephanie’s making it a hashtag, #HowRude.

OH, and one last awesome thing about what we’re going to see when the show starts up: Everything is about the ladies now. Fuller House will focus on Stephanie, D.J., and Kimmy. As Sweetin says, “It’s a female-driven show, which is really fun and I feel excited about that. … To be able to do this was definitely something we’d talked about, but I never thought it would actually happen. So, it’s awesome.”

It’ll be even MORE awesome when we can check it our ourselves on Netflix in early 2016.

(Image via ABC.)