Stephanie Beatriz wore the most amazing hand-painted jacket — here’s how to get one

Stephanie Beatriz’s hand-painted jacket stole our hearts as soon as we saw her rocking it at the event celebrating the SAG Award Nominees. We always knew Stephanie Beatriz was ah-mazing in every single way, but her sense of style is giving us all the goals.

Like, remember that time Beatriz made velvet a thing again? Or when Beatriz was our holiday party inspo? Yeah, this lady doesn’t mess around when it comes to fashion, and we dig it.

Like, how INCREDIBLE does she look? Everything happening in this pic is sparkling fashion magic, but Stephanie Beatriz’s hand-painted jacket definitely steals the show.


Excuse me, are those aliens? We knew this was one woman after our fashion-obsessed hearts. Ah, it’s so colorful and glorious!

In a post to Instagram, Beatriz explained where she got that must-have jacket, explaining,

"thank you @bowsdontcry for this dope af hand painted jacket"

The Paris-based Bowsdontcry is clearly one of her fave places to shop, because she’s worn one of these killer designs before.

If you’re loving Stephanie Beatriz’s hand-painted jacket as much as we are, here’s a few of our faves!

TBH, Bowsdontcry just became our new fave store. Are we even cool enough to rock these jackets?!

Yep, we’ll take one of these, too. We definitely need more ~rad vibes~ in our closets!


We’re for sure craving some hand-painted denim of our own, now! Thanks for the major 2017 style inspiration, Stephanie Beatriz! Whenever you wanna share that closet, we’ll be waiting!

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