Stephanie Beatriz wants YOU to vote, and this is the super feminist reason why

As we SERIOUSLY hope you know by now, we’re in the midst of the presidential election. As early voting continues and election day gets closer and closer (or should we say looms closer and closer?!) it’s especially important to pay attention to what’s going down in politics. And celebrities are making their own thoughts known. Stephanie Beatriz has strong feelings about the election, and she’s making it her job to make sure women know how important this election is.

Between her love for feminist friends and her breaking down of Latina stereotypes, we dig her SO much. She’s such a queen!!

In honor of the presidential election, Stephanie Beatriz made an Instagram post reminding women to vote.

Time for a history lesson! Beatriz explained,

"DO NOT FORGET that women fought HARD to have the right to vote. Exercise your hard won right."

She continued, saying it’s not just a thing of history. It’s relevant today, too. She explained,

"The woman pictured is actually suffragette Ada Wright, BUT BASICALLY SHE IS YOU AND ME."

She added her comments to the original post by @bellamantika, which read,

"It's time to #GetNasty #VOTE History's #nastywomen risked their lives to give us the right to vote. #nastywomenvote #election2016 🇺🇸🙌🏻💁🏻🗳 #suffrage #equality"

All we can do is cheer, friends.

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