Stephanie Beatriz is *so* excited for Ford’s #FearlessLatinas campaign, and so are we

Since last summer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine faves Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero have been partnering with Ford for their #FearlessLatinas campaign. In the campaign, these rad ladies talk to different #FearlessLatinas about the work they’re doing to uplift and empower other women. It’s truly SO COOL.

We seriously dig when celebs use their platforms to highlight the work of other people and raise awareness of important causes and issues, so this made our hearts so warm and fuzzy. And now Beatriz is bringing it back thanks to this hilarious Instagram post.

We honestly couldn’t heart Stephanie Beatriz more! How precious is this Instagram video of her excitedly dancing?!

She looks *so* pumped. With over 45k views, we’re clearly not the only ones who have been sitting around and watching this ah-mazing lady get her groove on! Stephanie Beatriz captioned the ridiculously adorable video, saying,

"Dudes. This is how pumped I was to work with @Ford to showcase #fearlessLatinas who are not always in the spotlight."

Ugh, she’s so amazing. Honestly, Stephanie Beatriz is our role model. She’s so funny, so thoughtful, and she’s so talented!

Together, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero are like our dream team. We would kill to have them be a part of our own squads!

They’re proof that women can do awesome things when we collaborate and work together. Ugh, we’re tearing up right now. We have so much love for both of ’em!

You can watch the first episode (and all of the episodes!) of the series on Youtube, and it’s definitely worth a watch!

It’s almost as good as hanging out with these incredibly talented women IRL. Almost.