Stephanie Beatriz’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” character is inspired, in part, by her strong and tough mother

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Rosa Diaz is a detective who is strong, tough, and badass. So it only makes sense that actress Stephanie Beatriz took inspiration from a family member who shares those same qualities.

While speaking with HelloGiggles at Comic-Con, Beatriz said that there are quite a few women who have really inspired her and led her to where she is now in life — and her mother is a definite standout.

"The main woman, I would say, would be my mom," Beatriz explained. "She's super strong, tough. I get a lot of Rosa from my mom. In fact, my mom's name is Rosario. It's a really, really weird coincidence. But, I would say she's the ultimate badass."

This is so sweet. Her onscreen counterpart, however, might think that’s enough sharing for now…

Yeah, sorry Rosa, the show must go on.

As for what’s ahead for the character in the upcoming season, Beatriz teased that the series will basically pick up where it left off, which is to say Rosa and Jake are going to jail.

“You’re probably gonna see them in jail,” said Beatriz, who’s also currently a part of the animated series Danger & Eggs. “I think we’re gonna see some developments in Rosa’s love life. I’m not sure what they’re gonna be yet, because right now she’s pretty much engaged to Adrian Pimento [Jason Mantzoukas], so we’ll see if there’s a wedding. They called off the wedding last time they made it to the altar. Or, maybe they split ways. I don’t know.”

As for what she’s most excited about, that goes to exploring her friendships with Jake and Amy. Not to mention, “I’m super psyched for Chelsea Peretti. She just had a baby, so I think it’ll be really fun when she gets to come back to work — or has to, I guess. I would be psyched to stay home with my new baby, too. It’ll be fun to have her energy come back into the office. Mostly, I’m really excited to be back at work with all my friends.

Okay, first she’s adorable about her mother, and now her colleagues?!

Talk about too much good stuff. But wait, there’s more: When asked what she loves most about working with Andy Samberg, Chelsea Peretti, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, Joe Lo Truglio, and the rest of the crew, she became emotional.

“Girl, don’t start,” she said. “I will start crying. I feel incredibly, incredibly, incredibly blessed to be working on the show. Sometimes I think of the creators, Mike Schur and Dan Goor. They don’t seem like human beings to me. They seem like real, actual living angels because they completely changed my life and my family’s life. I feel so lucky to be around all those people every day. It’s an incredible work environment. It’s really hyper-accepting, hyper-feminist, hyper-inclusive. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Here’s to there being a lot more where that came from when Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox with Season 5 on September 26th.