Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are so adorable in their original “Step Up” audition, it actually hurts

You guys, it’s been almost 12 years since the world was introduced to the instant classic Step Up. On April 11th 2006, the movie starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan was released, and just about everyone fell in love with the two actors. And, it turns out, they had fallen in love with each other. And now, Jenna Dewan Tatum has shared her original Step Upaudition tape with Channing, and it will actually give you all the feels.

So, obviously, after the success of Step Up, both Jenna and Channing have gone on to lead very successful and full lives. The two are now married (they tied the knot in 2009) and have a four-year-old daughter together, named Everly. Time has gone by, sure, but that doesn’t mean Jenna isn’t still so thankful for and nostalgic about her breakout role with her now-husband. In a video posted to YouTube on January 31st, Jenna shared with fans that she was just sent her audition tape for Step Upand that, “in honor of Step Up: High Water, the TV show on YouTube coming out today,” she wanted to share her own experience with the franchise.

And honestly, it’s just as adorable as it sounds.

Before showing parts of the audition, Jenna warns viewers that it’s pretty embarrassing. “Please watch how many times I giggle and laugh, it’s very cute,” she explained, before playing some sweet moments of her and Channing’s audition together.

The moment when they look at each other and say hi after stating their names? I mean, C’MON. Just when we thought Jenna and Channing couldn’t get any cuter. Theirs is truly a love story for the ages.

Speaking to Elle about how they got together, Jenna said that, at first, Channing wasn’t sure if he wanted anything serious, but she wasn’t going to mess around. She told him, “You’ve gotta figure out what you want because I know I want to be in a relationship.” And apparently, her straight talk did the trick, because a few days later, Channing had a little too much tequila and showed up at her door at 2 am wearing nothing but underwear, a sombrero, and Ugg boots, and told her, “Let’s do this.”

True love exists, y’all, and Jenna and Channing’s original Step Up audition tape proves it.