Step aside Banksy! A graffiti artist is leaving amazing street art all over an Indian city

Today in gorgeous: thought-provoking, pop-culture referential street art that combines Western personalities and traditional, Indian imagery has been popping up in the Indian city of Kochi.

The awesome mash-up graffiti was shared on a Reddit thread that quickly circulated online with many an admirer. And, the artist, or artists, remain anonymous — with only the tag “GuessWho’” as a calling card. The style, the secrecy, the virality all echoes work by Banksy, but with a very Indian twist.

GuessWho certainly has the Internet trying to guess who, and ogling over all the exquisite images. Our fingers are crossed that the art is not just Internet lore, and we’ll be keeping our global eyes peeled for more work by this secretive artist. But Mona Lisa in a choli, an astronaut in a sari, Che Guevara in a lungi. It’s images we know, seen through different eyes.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, here is a novel’s worth of amazing cross-cultural references that are currently covering Kochi thanks to GuessWho.

See the rest of the images.