Stencil hair is a trend that actually turns your hair into art

It used to be that changing up your hair meant getting highlights, or if you were super adventurous, trying some Manic Panic color at home. Now, the internet is exploding with creative and fun hair ideas: rose gold hair, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde hair, beautiful braids, even rainbow brows. We want to try them all. The newest trend combines colorful hair with the stencils you probably packed away after middle school — and the result is nothing short of artistic.

The trend seems to have really blown up once hair guru Janine Ker started sharing her looks. Ker explains on her website:

The woman is an artist. Check out some of her looks on Instagram, where others have also jumped on this amazingly gorgeous trend.

We don’t know what we love more: the polka-dots, the flowers, or the heart!

The flower on the base of the neck perfectly compliments the hair stencil.

Regardless of the weather, this cloudy hair can’t help but bring your day sunshine!

This buzz cut makes the model look like a flower!

Adding colorful life to those buzzed sides

We can’t get enough of these dots!

We wants this art-deco hair, we wants it now

Hair stencils are also perfect for fangirls.

Hearts PLUS rainbow hair? Yes please!

Hair stencils aren’t just for the ladies.

Who needs to go to the beach when you can bring it to you?

Stencil hair makes your hair a canvas for true art.

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