Stella McCartney is turning ocean garbage into clothes in the most chic reduce, reuse, recycle campaign we’ve ever heard of

Much as we love it, the truth is the fashion industry can be pretty polluting. According to Newsweek, fast fashion has created a huge textile waste crisis. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that in 2012, 84 percent of unwanted clothes went to a landfill or an incinerator. However, some designers, like Stella McCartney, are working hard to make fashion more sustainable.

Most recently, the Stella McCartney fashion house announced a collaboration with Parley for the Oceans.

The organization is dedicated to saving and protecting our oceans through special projects. Specifically, the Parley Ocean Plastic Program works to combat the plastic pollution in our oceans, a huge environmental problem.

According to the Stella McCartney website, a dump truck’s worth of plastic enters the ocean each minute. Because of this, by 2050, there might be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight. If that isn’t incentive to put a stop to all this, we don’t know what is.

Through the partnership, Stella McCartney will replace the woven and recycled polyester with recycled plastic from the Parley program. These new materials will make up faux leather handbags, shoes, and outerwear. The collection will be available for purchase in the month of July.

Stella claims the collaboration is one step in the process of being responsible and accountable for the items they make. Speaking to InStyle, the eco-conscious designer added:

“Fashion is an industry that makes a significant impact on the health of the planet, and on its life support system — the oceans. Our goal has always been to challenge ourselves and the industry to do better, to continually ask ourselves how we can improve," she says.

This isn’t the first fashion collaboration that Parley has done. The org has also worked with Pharrell Williams on his G-Star RAW collection. Additionally, Parley joined forces with Adidas on the first high-performance athleticwear made from ocean plastic.

We’ve got to hang on until July to see the collection, but we can’t wait!!